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Ball Valves

ToronTech ball valves have been engineered with durability in mind, and are designed for high-cycle applications, even in working environments that feature limited space. Our ball valves can be configured to open by lever, hand-wheel, gearbox, or other actuation methods (such as electric motors), making them a versatile solution for many different applications, including oil and gas operations.

Like other ball valve manufacturers, we strive for precise performance, especially when it comes to allowing or blocking the flow of materials. However, ToronTech ball valves are also known for offering trouble-free operation for extended periods of time; our products often attain perfect shutoff even after years of disuse, making them an excellent choice for long term shut-off operations.

Types of ToronTech Ball Valves

Available Size Range: 2” – 40” Pressure rating: 150LBS – 2500LBS

We manufacture two different types of ball valves, which differ from one another in the ball being used and the end application: floating ball valves and trunnion mounted ball valves. The key difference between the two is how each achieves aligned seal. Trunnion mounted ball valves use a spring mechanism and/or lined pressure support to drive the upstream seat against the stationary ball. Floating ball valves, on the other hand, utilize natural line pressure to press and seal the ball against the downstream seat.

If you aren't sure which type of ball valve is right for your application, simply speak to a member of our engineering team. We'll evaluate your needs and help you find the right solution.

Why Choose ToronTech Over Other Ball Valve Manufacturers?

  • Our ball valves can be opened with levers, hand-wheels, gearboxes, or even electric motors
  • ToronTech manufactures both floating ball valves and trunnion mounted ball valves, so you can always get the right part for your application operational environment (including actuated ball valves)
  • The ball valves we manufacture are known for quality and durability – they can even attain perfect shutoff after years of disuse
  • We can manufacture ball valves to meet your specific needs, even in challenging high-pressure and high-temperature oil and gas operations
  • All of our ball valves, like every ToronTech product, are backed by some of the industry’s strongest warranties
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    If you don't want to worry about wear, leaking, and loss due to faulty ball valves, then now is a great time to talk to a member of the ToronTech engineering team about our ball valve products. With a wide selection of floating ball valves and trunnion mounted ball valves, we can send or manufacture the part you need for your operation, so call us today.


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