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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves from ToronTech can be used for isolating a regulating flow. Similar to ball valves, they contain a disc mechanism that allows for a quick shutoff but is favored for some applications because of their cost-efficiency and lighter weight (meaning a smaller support apparatus is required).

In a butterfly valve, the disc is positioned in the center of the pipe, with the rod passing through and connected to an actuator located on the outside of the valve. The rotating actuator turns the disc (in either parallel or perpendicular fashion) to adjust the flow. Unlike in a ball valve, the disc in a butterfly valve is always present with the flow, meaning that restriction is always activated regardless of the valve position.

Your North American Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Our butterfly valves are specifically designed allowing for smoother flow and greatly reduced turbulence within your pipeline. Used in conjunction with our other pumps and valves, they can provide reliable, low-maintenance performance in even the toughest environments, and at a price that's very competitive when compared to less-dependable butterfly valve manufacturers.

Because of our focus on top engineering and precision manufacturing, ToronTech actuated butterfly valves are known around the world for their combination of low pricing and high dependability. Regardless of what your specific operational needs are, we can find or create the butterfly valve you need to keep your facility working at maximum efficiency.

Available Butterfly Valve Size Range2” – 36”

Pressure rating: 150LBS – 2500LBS

ToronTech Butterfly Valve Features

  • ToronTech butterfly valves are economical and lightweight, making them ideal for many different applications
  • Our actuated butterfly valve design and the manufacturing team focuses on long-term value and dependability, offering smoother flow and reduced turbulence in a low-maintenance product
  • Because we use cutting-edge production techniques, we are able to develop butterfly valve products and deliver them anywhere around the globe rapidly
  • As a leading butterfly valve manufacturer, all of our products are backed by some of the industry's strongest warranties and performance guarantees
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    Many customers work with tight budgets in difficult environments, which is why we supply them with the best pumps and valves – including butterfly valves – on rapid delivery schedules. To find out which of our products best meets your operational needs, contact a member of our design and engineering team today and let us find the answer that's right for you.


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