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Check Valves

ToronTech check valves (also known as one-way valves) normally allow fluid to flow in a single direction only. This simplicity allows them to work automatically, meaning that check valves typically don't need any kind of manual or external control. In fact, we ship most of our check valves without any sort of handle or stem at all. They will offer a trouble-free service for years to come.

Our check valves are two-port, with two openings in the body for separate fluid entry and exit. These parts are incredibly versatile and have many uses, so if you need a check valve manufacturer, who can create something for your specific needs or uses, simply contact a member of our engineering team for a free quote.

A Leading Check Valves Manufacturer

Available Size Range: 2” – 24” Pressure rating: 150LBS – 2500LBS

As with every ToronTech product, our check valves are manufactured with quality, durability, and long-term value in mind. That means we produce every piece with your end application in mind, and never cut corners to save a few dollars when performance could be compromised. We have built a reputation for the combination of low prices and solid dependability. When you work with us, you can be assured that you're getting some of the best check valves available on the market.

Also, note that we manufacture check valves specifically with the oil and gas industry in mind. That means we offer affordable products with very low tolerances, and that our check valves can stand up to tough environments, making them ideal for refineries and remote operations.

ToronTech Check Valve Features

  • ToronTech is a leading check valve manufacturer for the oil and gas industry. No matter what kind of facility or application you need us to match a part to, we can design what you need
  • All of our valves are manufactured for durability; they can often remain completely closed through years of inactivity, so you don't have to worry about ongoing costs, maintenance, and unplanned downtime
  • We combine the best of North American engineering and production techniques with cost-saving measures to bring you premium check valves at competitive prices
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    ToronTech check valves are second to none when it comes to competitive pricing, long-term performance, and fast delivery around the globe. So, regardless of what kind of check valve you need for your oil and gas operations or water applications, talk to a member of our design and engineering team today and let us find a solution that is right for you.


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