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Torontech has been a Prime Supplier of Pharmaceutical Research & Inspection Instruments

Dissolution Testers

Torontech has been a prime supplier of pharmaceutical research & inspection appliances for multiple Canadian and American Laboratories.

A customer from British Columbia uses the state of the art Torontech 8 station and 14 Station dissolution tester to simulate the availability of active substance in the drug/pills which allows them to predict the time for complete release of the material from the dosage form.

ToronPharma TTdisso series of Dissolution Testers are the most efficient dissolution instruments in the market, specially designed with the end-user in mind. They are simple to operate with features that make analyst training and lab integration easy. TTdisso8 and TTdisso14 are not only ideal for manual testing but can be easily integrated with our automated system and ToronSOFT Dissolution Software.

The local customer finds it extremely user-friendly as a lot of the technicians using this device would be interns and fresh graduates, eliminating any complex operating system yet providing a fully automatic system with multiple work station, Torontech did assist the customer in terms of overcoming a time-consuming pharmaceutical test.

The machine is automatic, complying with current USP, IP, Ph, Eur and JP specifications and equipped with multiple report generating options eases the life of the end-user and also saves them any additional cost happening over third party testing.

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