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Introducing Torontech’s Toroncare Hospital Beds

Hospital ICU-CCU Electrical Bed - ToronCare 2020

Torontech is pleased to introduce ToronCare, its new line of high-quality hospital beds. For hospital patients at any stage of recovery, comfort is paramount to the healing experience, which is why the ToronCare line of hospital beds excels in both ergonomics and functionality.

All parts of the four-section ToronCare bed are easily adjustable and made by precise tools to ensure uniform quality. The position of the backrest and kneerest are controlled by a handset, and the articulation and angle of the bed are controlled using electric motors, which ensure smooth and quiet operations. Several models of Torontech’s hospital bed include a provision for IV pole and a drainage bag holder at both sides of the bed.

Equipped with locking castors, the ToronCare hospital beds are designed to move quickly and easily. The bed frames are finished with epoxy powder coated for chip and scratch resistance, which make Torontech’s hospital beds suitable for use in ICU, HDU, and surgical wards. The ToronCare mattress covers are fire-retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-static, and fluid resistant—characteristics that are essential for hospital environments.

Torontech’s new ToronCare hospital beds come in seven different models to meet a variety of hospital needs. For more information, please see visit product page.

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