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Torontech Delivers Advanced Hospital Beds to Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital

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Toronto, ON: North America’s leading technology solutions company Torontech has partnered with Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto to meet the rising demand for hospital beds during the COVID-19 pandemic. As per a contract inked between Torontech and the Government of Ontario, a total of around 300 beds are to be delivered by the company. The first consignment was delivered to Sunnybrook Hospital in March 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put enormous pressure on hospitals and healthcare providers. Many cities around the world are still reeling under intermittent lockdowns, driving demand for hospital beds and other technical solutions. As timely delivery is key to reducing casualties, Torontech has become a natural partner of choice for many private and governmental organizations. Efficient logistics and a centralized customer support system enables Torontech to deliver its products within short time-frames.

Following the delivery of the first consignment of hospital beds, Torontech said it stands with the Canadian values of giving back and will pull all strings to ensure Canadians are helped on priority. “We are committed to providing the best possible healthcare solutions to all our partners across Canada. In this time of need, we stand with all Canadians,” a company spokesperson said.

Sourcing medical equipment is often time consuming and complex as its hard to determine the best quality and pricing. It’s also hard to find the right supplier that would ensure timely delivery. Many of Torontech’s existing clients have had similar experiences in the past, and the company understands how crucial it is to support client requirements end-to-end. After-sales support is another area that Torontech strives to excel in. Led by industry experts, the company aims to be a one stop solution for all healthcare and technology requirements.

Currently, Torontech supports clients involved in testing and analysishealthcare, pharmaceutical, and plastic recycling.  The company aims to diversify its offerings in the near future.

The demand for healthcare equipment is set to grow and Torontech is gearing up to diversify its range of healthcare technology solutions as well. The company’s healthcare offerings currently include medical devices, hospital beds, surgical tables and a variety of pharmaceutical instruments. Besides guaranteeing the best price and quality, Torontech also provides customized solutions to meet unique requirements.

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