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Jaw Crushers - Jaw Crusher JC7

Jaw Crusher JC7

Feed size:<110mm

Final fineness:95%<2mm


Jaw Crusher JC7 is a robust jaw crusher featuring a high crushing ratio and impressive handling capacity. It stands out as one of the fastest fine jaw crushers available today. This crusher excels at effectively processing drill cores and solid ores with particle sizes of up to 110mm, achieving a remarkable 95% sample reduction to as fine as 2mm in just 18-20 seconds per kilogram.

  • In the mining and metallurgical sectors: materials like niobium and titanium alloys, vanadium iron, chrome vanadium, tungsten carbide, ores, coal, slag, and coke are processed.
  • For chemical products: a wide range of raw materials used in the chemical industry are involved.
  • In geological and mineralogical applications: rocks, granite, basalt, barite, silicate, and similar materials are handled.
  • Within the ceramic industry: materials such as talc, sintered clay, sintering ceramics, and electric ceramics are used.
  • In the realm of building materials: the processing includes bauxite, slag bricks, quartz, and cement used in construction.
  • Working Principle

    The process starts as the sample enters the grinding chamber through a specialized, anti-splashing hopper. Inside the chamber, the crushing action occurs within the wedge-shaped space formed between two jaw plates. One of these jaw plates remains stationary, while the other is driven by a bent axle, creating an oval motion due to the continuous rotation of the motor. The sample is crushed through a squeezing action caused by the consistent movement of the jaw plate, and it naturally moves downward due to gravity. If the sample's particle size happens to be smaller than the lower opening gap between the jaw plates, it will drop into a collection drawer located at the bottom of the machine.

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  • Overload protection.
  • A 7.5KW motor enhances crushing efficiency.
  • Robust connecting rod and bearings.
  • All rotating components are linked with roller bearings.
  • Innovative jaw plate fastening structure.
  • Automatic lubrication system and a stable flywheel.
  • Ingenious jaw plate design ensures more effective crushing results.
  • Processing speed can reach 4 seconds per kilogram when the gap width is 6mm.
  • Approximately 40-50% of samples can achieve a fineness as fine as 600μm when the gap width is 1.2mm.
  • The jaw plate has been thickened to 48mm, and you have the option of choosing a heavy-metal-free material.
  • Feed size
    Final fineness
    Gap width
    0-10mm adjustable
    Handling capacity
    180kg/hr(depends on sample)
    Collector capacity
    Rated power
    Power supply
    380V, 50Hz (110V Also available upon request)
    Instrument size(W*D*H)
    Net Weight
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