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Cutting Mills - Knife Mill HM300

Knife Mill HM300

Feed size:< 130mm

Final fineness:< 300μm


The Knife Mill HM300 is particularly well-suited for rapidly grinding and homogenizing a large quantity of samples to the analysis level in a short period.

- Sample types: Soft, elastic, fibrous, water-containing, oily, fatty, dry samples.
- Application fields:
- Agriculture: grains, feeds, etc.
- Biology: mouse tissues, plant leaves, seeds, seedlings, and germs.
- Medicine: Chinese medicine, pills, etc.
- Food: dried melons, vegetables, frozen food, cocoa, candy, preserved fruits, and meat.
(*Particularly suitable for large sample quantities, such as chicken bones, fresh fish, seafood, hazelnuts, etc.)

Working Principle

The HM300 is equipped with four-blade knives positioned at the center of the grinding cup's bottom. These blades maintain a specific gap between them. When powered by a 1.5KW motor, the knives initiate rotation. Effective cutting of the sharp steel knife edges ensures dependable crushing and the creation of uniform phase effects. You can opt for the blunt side to perform coarse grinding on bulk samples or select the tough side for fine grinding of samples.

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- Capable of storing up to 10 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
- Enables both dry and wet grinding.
- Equipped with a user-friendly 5-inch LED touch screen display for easy operation.
- Offers interval mode, regular mode, and reverse mode.
- Features a powerful brushless motor with adjustable speed ranging from 500 to 4000 rpm.
- Designed with double-deck configuration and four straight blades to enhance grinding efficiency.
- Equipped with an electromagnetic lock for safety and reliability. The cover cannot be opened during the grinding process.

Feed size
< 130mm
Final fineness
< 300μm
Time setting
Batch quantity
Interval mode
stainless steel, titanium coating
Number of blades
Rated power
Power supply
220V,50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
Instrument size
Package size
Net weight
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