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Mineral Analyzer

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The TrueX Mineral Analyzer delivers fast and precise elemental analysis results with minimal or no sample preparation required across all stages of mining operations. From grassroots exploration and development to ore grade control and environmental investigations, it offers increased sample density compared to traditional laboratory methods. This saves time, reduces concerns, and minimizes effort.

Portable XRF Analyzer - Mineral Analyzer
Portable XRF Analyzer - Mineral Analyzer

Analysis of mineral processing grade in geological prospecting

Portable XRF Analyzer - Mineral Analyzer

Mineral research

Portable XRF Analyzer - Mineral Analyzer

Tailings processing

Portable XRF Analyzer - Mineral Analyzer

Slag reuse


The Handheld XRF Analyzer - Mineral Analyzer instrument is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry.

Industrial resistance touch screen

The 4.3-inch industrial resistance touch screen features superior backlight performance compared to capacitor screens. It remains clearly visible even under strong sunlight in the field and eliminates the need to remove gloves in special outdoor environments.


Handheld XRF Analyzer - Mineral Analyzer users have the capability to generate customized professional reports, incorporating elements such as company logos, addresses, test results, spectrographs, and additional sample information like product descriptions, origins, and batch numbers.

High precision

The TrueX handheld ore analyzer features imported high-performance X-ray tubes and high-resolution detectors, coupled with digital multi-channel processing technology. This combination results in higher analysis accuracy.

GPS system

Handheld XRF Analyzer - Mineral Analyzer can utilize the built-in GPS latitude and longitude data along with altitude data to import third-party GIS analysis software. This enables the creation of three-dimensional geographical distribution maps of element content, facilitating rapid assessment of mineral reserves or geological environmental disaster areas.

Excitation source
550kV/200μA upper limit, tube pressure tube flow can be adjusted freely, W/Ag/Rh target (optional)
Detection range
Display System
4.3 "industrial grade resistance touch screen
Automatically adjust display brightness according to external environment brightness
Data processing
32GB storage
USB, can connect the device to the Internet, remote setting and maintenance of the instrument
Built-in DoubleBeam™ technology automatically senses samples ahead for enhanced radiation safety and protection
Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof carrying case
Safety rope
Power system
Intelligent battery with MSBUS, real-time monitoring battery, can directly check the remaining capacity of the battery, the battery complies with the air transport of dangerous goods regulations
A single battery can work for about 8 hours
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