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Online Monitor

Based on the Internet of Things data transmission + big data + information software, to create intelligent online monitoring solutions for customers, without personnel on duty, easy to realize real-time continuous detection/monitoring and remote monitoring.

Introducing the Online Monitor, an innovative solution designed to revolutionize material sorting processes. This advanced tool combines cutting-edge XRF technology with optoelectronics, microelectronics, and computer software. 

With its ability to track, detect, and evaluate material quality in real-time, the Online Monitor enhances efficiency and accuracy across various industries such as waste recycling, consumer goods, and ore mining. Featuring customizable analysis data reports in PDF or Excel formats, it offers personalized screening tailored to specific material and element requirements. By reducing material consumption, improving recovery rates, and streamlining operations, the Online Monitor delivers significant labor savings and boosts enterprise economic benefits and competitiveness.

Product Categories

Environmental On-line Monitor

Introducing our cutting-edge Environmental On-line Monitor, equipped with advanced features for accurate and real-time environmental monitoring...

Industrial On-line Monitor

Industrial On-line Monitor is an advanced testing and sorting device, drawing upon years of expertise in XRF technology...

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