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An optical fiber cable is a cable containing one or more optical fibers that are used to carry light. The optical fiber elements are typically individually coated with plastic layers and contained in a protective tube suitable for the environment where the cable will be deployed.

Optical fiber consists of a core and a cladding layer, selected for total internal reflection due to the difference in the refractive index between the two. In practical fibers, the cladding is usually coated with a layer of acrylate polymer or polyimide. This coating protects the fiber from damage but does not contribute to its optical waveguide properties. Individual coated fibers then have a tough resin buffer layer and/or core tube(s) extruded around them to form the cable core. Several layers of protective sheathing, depending on the application, are added to form the cable. Rigid fiber assemblies sometimes put light-absorbing ("dark") glass between the fibers, to prevent light that leaks out of one fiber from entering another. This reduces cross-talk between the fibers, or reduces flare in fiber bundle imaging applications Optical fibers are very strong, but the strength is drastically reduced by unavoidable microscopic surface flaws inherent in the manufacturing process. The initial fiber strength, as well as its change with time, must be considered relative to the stress imposed on the fiber during handling, cabling, and installation for a given set of environmental conditions. There are three basic scenarios that can lead to strength degradation and failure by inducing flaw growth: dynamic fatigue, static fatigues, and zero-stress aging.

ToronTech offers a wide range of physical testing machines to evaluate mechanical properties of optical fiber cables.


    Optical fibers have a wide number of applications. The use and demand for optical fiber has grown tremendously. Optical fibers have widespread applications in Telecommunication sector, ranging from global networks to desktop computers. These involve the transmission of voice, data, or video over distances of less than a meter to hundreds of kilometers, using one of a few standard fiber designs in one of several cable designs. Carriers use optical fiber to carry plain telephone service across their nationwide networks. Local exchange carriers use fiber to carry this same service between central office switches at local levels, and sometimes as far as the neighborhood or individual home.

    Optical fiber is also used extensively for transmission of data. Multinational firms need secure, reliable systems to transfer data and financial information between buildings to the desktop terminals or computers and to transfer data around the world. Cable television companies also use optical fiber for delivery of digital video and data services. The high bandwidth provided by optical fiber makes it the perfect choice for transmitting broadband signals, such as high-definition television (HDTV) telecasts.

    Intelligent transportation systems, such as smart highways with intelligent traffic lights, automated tollbooths, and changeable message signs, also use fiber-optic-based telemetry systems.

    In spectroscopy, optical fiber bundles transmit light from a spectrometer to a substance that cannot be placed inside the spectrometer itself, in order to analyze its composition. A spectrometer analyzes substances by bouncing light off and through them. By using fibers, a spectrometer can be used to study objects remotely. Another important application for optical fiber is the biomedical industry. Fiber-optic systems are used in most modern telemedicine devices for transmission of digital diagnostic images. Other applications for optical fiber include space, military, automotive, and the industrial sector.

    Torontech Advanced Testing Technologies are the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for Optical Fiber Cable Testing. Torontech offers you a complete selection of testing machines for Optical Fiber Cable Testing. We are able to supply competitive optical fiber cable testing solutions such as Optical Fiber Cable Repeated Bending testing machines, testing machines for determining Tensile & Crush as well as Torsion, Impact, Abrasion and many more testing machines complying to various National and International standards.


    IEC 60794-1-2 Method E1: Tensile performance

    TT-OFCT-OD Series


    IEC 60794-1-2  Method E1: Tensile performance

    TT-OFCT- ID Series


    IEC 60794-1-2 Method E2: Abrasion

    TT-OFCA Series


    IEC 60794-1-2  Method E3/ E12: Crush/ Cut-through resistance

    TT-OFCCC Series


    IEC 60794-1-2  Method E4: Impact

    TT-OFCI Series


    IEC 60794-1-2  Method E6: Repeated bending

    TT-OFCRB Series


    IEC 60794-1-2  Method E7: Torsion

    TT-OFCTO Series


    IEC 60794-1-2  Method E8: Flexing

    TT-OFCF Series


    IEC 60794-1-2  Method E10: Kink

    TT-OFCK Series


    IEC 60794-1-2  Method E11: Bend

    TT-OFWB Series


    IEC 60794-1-2  Method F1:Temperature Cycling

    TT-OFTCC Series


    IEC 60794-1-2   Method F5:Water Penetration

    TT-OFCWP Series

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