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Salt Spray Test Chamber for Rebar Testing Facility

Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

Torontech has been a primary service provider for Environmental / Climatic Testing devices, The TTSALT ( salt spray test chamber ) being a very reliable yet price-efficient option for MARINE CLIMATIC testing conditions, where the products are subjected to high humidity environment with salt & water mixture. Torontech recently provided its services in regards to this test chamber to a very renowned REBAR testing facility, in Ontario, Canada.

The customer will be using the chamber to verify the impact of high humid and salt spray test conditions on their rebar samples over a long period of exposure. The results will provide this customer with a specific group of data with which they can easily predict the actual real-life impacts of a constant humid saltwater environment on his samples.

The chamber is equipped with a Wall-mount spray system that can be freely placed without occupying any effective test space. With an imported quartz nozzle, it has the characteristics of a smooth interior wall, accurate angle and no crystalline in long-time spraying. Distinctive spring door hinge design makes the chamber door easy to open and close. And there is no leak from the baths around which makes the entire testing experience hassle-free.

The Chamber being automatic, compliant with ASTM  standards and equipped with report generating options; eases the life of the end-user and also saves them any additional cost happening over third party testing.

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