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Torontech Delivers Universal Testing Machines to Universities and Governments Worldwide

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Torontech provides companies around the world with top-of-the-line Universal Testing Machines (UTMs), which perform an extensive range of tensile and compression tests. These testers allow companies to analyze an array of different materials, such as metal samples, concrete, rebar, tube & pipe, stranded wire, steel bar & plate, fasteners, wood, and other high-strength composites.
With an ergonomic design that meets the requirements of North American and international standards such as ASTM, BS, EN, ISO, and more, Torontech’s UTMs are widely used by universities, research institutes, and companies that undertake manufacturing applications such as metallurgy and casting. Our Servo Hydraulic UTMs are ideal for these applications, featuring a double test space with increased room for tensile and compression bending, cutting, stripping, and tearing tests.
Torontech recently delivered a UTM with a capacity of 600kN to the Uganda Mech Lab for Uganda’s National Bureau of Standards, as well as a UTM (1000kN) to an Indonesia University for lab applications. With intuitive software that provides the ultimate in ease-of-operation and flexibility, these UTMs will help these organizations maintain high standards of quality control and research excellence.

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