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Torontech’s Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer Conducts In-Depth Tests on Structural Materials

Torontech Carbon & Sulfur Infrared Spectrometer

To test the composition of structural materials such as steel beams and cement, Torontech offers its Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Spectrometer. This Tester is equipped with a high-frequency inductive combustion furnace that has the capacity to measure the carbon and sulfur content in cement, tungsten, steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, and other alloys.

With a 7.5kVA high-frequency ceramic power tube, Torontech’s Carbon & Sulfur Spectrometer is capable of both ultra-low and higher content analysis and is very easy to operate. The Carbon & Sulfur Spectrometer automatically conducts 24 tests over a short time period, showing results in real time and implementing a self-diagnosis function that improves the sensitivity and accuracy rating of the analysis.

Torontech recently delivered its Carbon & Sulfur Spectrometer to a prominent organization in North America that works with research institutes, universities, and the private sector, enabling operators to carry out high-speed sampling and dynamic data analysis on material samples.

With top-of-the-line safety features, including an ultra-fine dust filter to completely separate the dust & gas, and a high-precision flow controller that guarantees a constant air current, Torontech’s Carbon & Sulfur Spectrometer has the best stability of all similar spectrometers on the market.

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