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Torontech Introduces Its Advanced Impact Testers

Drop Weight Tear Tester

To support production lines that make steel piping and ferrite steel sheets, Torontech supplies Drop Weight Tear Impact Testers to manufacturers, facilitating in-depth analyses of metal materials.

These advanced machines can test 10 samples consecutively, featuring a user-friendly control system and automatic feeding mechanism that also collects fractured samples. Torontech’s Drop Weight Tear Impact Tester can also be operated manually to allow for easy maintenance and step-by-step operator control.

Featuring a multi-channel protection system, this unit represents the highest security and safety features while in operation, and can also test samples at different temperatures between 20°C~100°C. To extend functionality, the Drop Weight Tear Impact Tester can be equipped with an optional notch pressing machine that meets API and ASTM E436 standards for sample size and accuracy.

To help companies conduct reliable and efficient testing of different metal components, Torontech offers top-of-the-line, customizable testers to meet a wide range of international testing requirements.

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