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Torontech Introduces Its Specialized Tablet Hardness Testers


When creating pharmaceutical products, there is a very narrow range of hardness that is acceptable for tablets and capsules: if they are too soft they will disintegrate in the gastric tract, but if they aren’t hard enough they may break apart during transit. To ensure that these products have the ideal casing, a tablet hardness tester is required to create such a specialized product.

Torontech’s tablet testers are all top-of-the-line electronic machines that provide operators with digital readings — an improvement on traditional manual machines that increases the tablet tester’s accuracy, resolution, and repeatability.

Torontech offers three tablet testers within its TH series, which all feature easy-to-read digital displays and can perform tests up to the 200N range. In particular, the TT-TH4 and TT-TH5 models are highly effective, as they can both accommodate a large sample size of up to 100 pieces with a resolution of 0.1 N.

With such cutting-edge technology, Torontech provides the best digital testing solutions for specialized products manufactured all over the world.

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