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Torontech Provides a Graduation Heat-Sealing Instrument

Heat sealing is an important step in the packaging of a wide array of products, but especially foodstuffs. To ensure a perfect seal, Torontech offers the Heat-Sealing Tester T-HST Series, which is able to precisely measure the temperature range, intensity, suitable speed, and pressure when heat-sealing a range of materials.

These materials include film-based plastics, flexible composite membranes, coating paper, and aluminum foil. The Heat-Sealing Tester T-HST Series comes in two models: the basic Heat-Sealing Tester and the Five-Point Tester, which can be set with five different temperature spots in order to easily establish the optimal heating temperature.

Torontech recently delivered one of its Heat-Sealing Testers to a major global high-tech materials specialist. With Torontech’s help, this company will be able to maintain high testing standards as they supply packaging products to customers worldwide. With this sale, Torontech’s testing equipment is helping to ensure the continuing freshness of your packaged food.

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