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Torontech’s Spectra 1000 Light Spectrometer has Wide-Ranging Industry Applications

Torontech XRF Spectra 1000 Light Spectrometer

The best quality control testers on the market can carry out examinations on a wide range of materials, providing results for several different industry applications. Torontech’s Spectra 1000 SDD Light Spectrometer is designed to perform elemental analyses for metal alloys, liquids, food, biological samples, powder assays, and more — all with a high level of accuracy.

Torontech’s Light Spectrometer is a desktop unit, using energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) to detect an extended elemental range from Na (Z=11) to U (Z=92). Performing both qualitative and quantitative analysis within 0.3% accuracy for metal alloys, the Spectra 1000 SDD has a detection limit better than 1ppm for most elements in the light matrix.

Torontech recently delivered one of its Spectra 1000 SDD Light Spectrometers to an industry leader in the Middle East for testing Na-U in powder, solid, or liquid samples. With one of the lowest data acquisition times on the market, our Light Spectrometer can be used in many industries such as scientific research, the food industry, oil refineries, geology and mineralogy, medical diagnosis, ecological monitoring, and many more.

Many companies can benefit from the high level of accuracy and user-friendly features of Torontech’s Spectra 1000 SDD Light Spectrometer, which is built to meet the most rigorous standards of several different industries.

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