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Torontech’s Hardness Testing Devices are Built with the Pharmaceutical Industry in Mind


To produce an effective product, pharmaceutical companies need to ensure that their pills and tablets possess casings that are durable enough to withstand the rigors of transport without having a negative impact on patient consumption. Torontech’s family of tablet hardness testers is ideal for accurately analyzing the mechanical integrity of pharmaceutical pills and tablet casings, an essential step in ensuring the resilience of pharmaceutical products.

With durable stainless steel bodies that are built to comply with cGMP regulations, Torontech’s ToronTAB-5 and ToronTAB-2 hardness testers are both top-of-the-line machines that provide user-friendly digital readings. Both testers measure the weight, thickness, diameter/length, width, and hardness of virtually all tablet shapes, including round, oval, oblong, and other unique shapes.

Torontech also offers a handheld PorTAB-01 load cell hardness tester built to the same exacting standards applied to its ToronTAB-5 and ToronTAB-2 sister lines. The PorTAB-01 has the capacity to test a hardness range of up to 500 N and, as a portable, battery-operated unit with up to 50 hours of battery life, is a highly convenient option for handheld testing.

Together, these machines represent a family of hardness testing devices designed to fully meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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