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Torontech is Pleased to Introduce Its State-of-the-art Surgical Light, Toronlight™ 1000

Surgical Lights Torontech

When choosing a surgical light, hospitals and technicians need a solution that is designed and manufactured according to the highest industry standards. ToronLight™ 1000 has been specially produced to provide exceptional site illumination for the most optimal surgical environment, suitable for even the most critical situations.

The arm mechanism of ToronLight™ 1000 has 7 axes of rotation to illuminate the patient from any angle. High-efficiency catadioptric reflectors remove shadows from the surgical site to clearly illuminate the work area at all times while maintaining a large depth of field.

ToronLight™ 1000 requires very little maintenance due to long-lasting, energy saving LEDs. This solution also uses an inherently cold light source, which eliminates the danger of tissue dehydration during surgery, and ensures that staff and the patient are not overheated during long surgeries. ToronLight™ 1000 helps to create the most comfortable work environment possible for surgeons.

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