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Torontech’s Mortar Mixers Help the US State Department of Transportation Repair and Maintain Transit

Torontech recently received an order from the US State Department of Transportation for a large mortar mixer, which we have customized with specialized software, enlarged sand capacity, and a more effective power supply (110V/60Hz).

This mixer will allow its workforce to make mortar quickly with the perfect proportions of high-quality ingredients, ensuring that their assets are repaired with a product that can meet the highest industry standards.

Torontech’s mortar mixers are pre-programmed to meet international standards and are designed to automatically add necessary ingredients without constant supervision. The mortar mixers also allows for custom programs that allow the customer to create their own mixtures. With several different models available, companies can choose from an array of mixers to achieve consistent, cost-effective results.

Using mixers from Torontech, it’s easier than ever to manufacture reliable mortar that will last.

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