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Torontech’s Sophisticated Densimeters can be Used to Test Virtually any Sample

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When determining the properties of newly created alloys, precious metals, and more common materials such as plastic and rubber, researchers and engineers use densimeters. Torontech offers sophisticated densimeters that can conduct tests with exceptional accuracy to determine the karat and density of gold, as well as the purity and density of platinum and other metals.

Torontech recently delivered one of its state-of-the-art densimeters to Delfingen, one of the leading global manufacturers of electrical wiring and fluid on-board networks for automobiles. By using Torontech’s densimeter to detect changes in the composition of a product, Delfingen will be able to maintain quality control and detect any flaws before a product leaves the production line.

With a wide range of applications — including the auto industry, fine ceramics, and science laboratories — and meeting several international standards such as ASTM, JIS, GB/T, and ISO, our densimeters are perfectly suited to determining the specific density of virtually any sample, including those with complex or irregular properties.

For more information on our different models of densimeters – density tester, please visit our website here.

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