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Cutting Mills - Twister TW200

Twister TW200

Feed size: < 10mm

Final fineness:< 250μm

Speed: 12000/14000/16000rpm

The Twister TW200 is specifically crafted for food and feed sample preparation for NIR (near-infrared spectroscopy) analysis. Its unique design incorporates a rotary knife, grinding chamber, and grinding sieve to ensure that the sample remains unaffected by heat while achieving effective grinding. Additionally, the utilization of cyclone techniques enhances the reproducibility and reliability of NIR sample preparation results.

- Application fields: agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food, feed, chemistry.
- Sample types: fibrous, soft, dry, and low-fat (with up to 15% water and 10% fat).
- Typical samples: granule tablets, cereals, corn, cattle and horse feed, medicines, beans, tobacco, and more.

Working Principle

The sample is introduced into the grinding chamber via the hopper, which includes an anti-splash function. Within this chamber, it undergoes rapid processing due to the high-speed rotary knife (impeller) generating strong secondary impact and surface friction against the rotary knife and the fixed sieve ring. This results in rapid and effective crushing. Subsequently, the crushed samples swiftly move into the sample-collecting bottle within a low-pressure area, facilitated by the turbine airflow. The turbine flow not only provides additional cooling but also serves cleaning purposes, preserving the original nature of the samples.

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- Adjustable hopper for varied feeding rates with different particle sizes.
- Robust motor for high efficiency.
- Minimal risk of cross-contamination and easy cleaning.
- Incorporates a professional industrial design for extended service life.
- Adjustable rotation speed, resulting in reduced sample residue and broader applicability.
- Features a unique grinding chamber design, particularly suitable for grinding cereal and feed.

Maximum feeding size
< 10mm
Final fineness
< 250μm
Speed setting
Rotor peripheral speed
Batch feeding volume
Rotor diameter
Rated power
Power supply
220V,50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
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