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Jaw Crushers - Jaw Crusher JC5

Jaw Crusher JC5

Feed size:<90mm

Final fineness:<2mm


The JC5 Jaw Crusher is designed to efficiently and gently process medium-hard, hard, brittle, and tough samples. It features jaw plates made from six different materials, ensuring versatility. This product series offers excellent technical and safety performance, making it the ideal choice for laboratory sample preparation and industrial production needs.

  • Mining and metallurgical industries: for processing niobium and titanium alloys, vanadium iron, chrome vanadium, tungsten carbide, ores, coal, slag, and coke.
  • Chemical products: accommodating a wide range of chemical industry raw materials.
  • Geological and mineralogical: suitable for crushing rocks, granite, basalt, and barite, among others.
  • Ceramic industry: effective for materials like talc, sintered clay, sintering ceramics, and electric ceramics.
  • Building materials: ideal for processing bauxite, slag bricks, quartz, and cement, among others.
  • Working Principle

    The sample is introduced into the grinding chamber through a hopper designed to prevent splashing. Inside this chamber, the crushing process takes place within the wedge-shaped space formed between two jaw plates. One of these jaw plates remains stationary, while the other is driven by a curved axle, causing it to move in an oval pattern as the motor continuously rotates. The sample is crushed through extrusion resulting from the ongoing motion of the jaw plates and then descends under the influence of gravity. If the sample's particle size is smaller than the gap between the lower openings of the jaw plates, it will fall into the collection drawer located at the machine's lower section.

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    User-Friendly Operation and Easy Cleaning
    The feed hopper of JC5 can be conveniently tilted to one side or completely removed, allowing operators to quickly clean the grinding chamber. Samples are collected in a drawer receiver, simplifying subsequent analysis procedures.

    High-Level Safety Features
    The jaw crusher JC5 prioritizes safety. The design includes a feed hopper that prevents operators from accidentally contacting the grinding chamber, reducing the risk of injury. A hopper baffle further prevents sample rebound that could potentially harm individuals. Additionally, a safety switch is positioned at the top of the feed hopper, ensuring that the device cannot be started when the hopper is open, thereby guaranteeing operator safety. Both the motor and the controller feature overload protection mechanisms. If the load becomes excessive, such as from overloading with samples or oversized samples, the overload protection devices automatically cut off the power supply to protect the motor and the crusher.

    Environmentally-Friendly Design
    We have incorporated a thoughtful dust protection design for JC5 jaw crushers. Moreover, to mitigate environmental pollution stemming from tiny dust particles, we have included dust discharge connectors for the crushers. Operators can easily eliminate dust particles inside the crusher by connecting industrial dust collectors to these dust discharge connectors.

    Feed size
    Final fineness
    Collector capacity
    Jaw plate width
    Gap setting
    Zero point adjustment
    Rated power
    Power supply
    380V, 50Hz (110V Also available upon request)
    Instrument size(W*D*H)
    440x 930x1090mm
    Package size(W*D*H)
    Net Weight
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