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Torontech Introduces Its New Ergonomic Line of ICU/CCU Beds

hospital beds Torontech

In a hospital environment, the equipment needs to provide the optimal support for patients. When it comes to bedding, the furniture should have the capacity for incredibly flexible positioning to facilitate the most ergonomic conditions possible.

With an appealing ergonomic design and sturdy, durable construction, the ToronCare™1000 ICU/CCU bed ensures safety and ease of use. Four actuators provide extremely smooth positioning to maintain patient comfort. Quick-release handles are essential safety features that can immediately change the bed into key positions in emergency situations, such as CPR, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg.

With detachable head and foot boards that enable easy cleaning, and optional accessories such as an I.V. stand and dining table, the ToronCare™1000 ICU/CCU has been designed with highly adaptable features to meet current and future standards for hospital equipment.

To explore our extensive range of Hospital ICU/CCU Beds, please visit our website.

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